Thank You

Thank you to everyone for being so patient with me as I learn how to do blogs .
New technology ! Old Brain! 
Thank you also to our novice model Bernice.What a fantastic job Bernie did and great end results from each and every class mate.
We have changed our start time to 6 pm while it's winter .
We have moved our portrait workshop day to June and we will make it a kind of party/art day ,everyone has been asked to bring some yummy warm winter food.Nikki said her dad makes great slow cooked food ( so guess what Dad?looks like your cooking!lol)and Freda is going to a make us a corned beef n bacon pie yummmmmmmy.
Freda is hanging out to learn how to draw faces and it takes more than two hours to learn, so we will make a day of it and hopefully Bernice will come back for a few hours so we can draw her beautiful face .
please feel free to comment on the blog and if something isn't working on it please let me know by email or on facebook
Sorry there are no pics this week I didn't get around to taking pics last night . 


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