life in Life

Great night in class last night ,Found out how to get AIr con working and it blew lovely nice warm air !
Happy Birthday to Catherine Anne Foster ,hope she liked her candles on a Nice biscuit .Sorry for not having a cake! i forgot to cook it.
Another great job done by Isaac modelling again .
Welcome to our newest member Fay .We missed Margaux(Nick Feneley) , Jo Männistö and Larissa Muldoon last night.Hope everything is ok.Hopefully we see you all next week . Paula  showed us a power point presentation on drawings done in ink and I think everyone was inspired by the presentation .Freda was inspired by Brett Whiteley and the japanese inks and came out with some lovely flowing lines with no furry animals .Well done Freda .Nikki did a continuous line drawing that finished brilliantly and worked on her pastel drawing ,which is coming along really well  ,while Monique worked in charcoal to achieve more brilliant results .Catherine's pastel drawing of Jason last week is fantastic .Unfortunately I didn't get to see what Catherine did this week as she had to leave early due to illness .Hope you feel better Cath .Our new member ,Fay just sat quietly with a little sketch pad and a mechanical pencil (because she doesn't like sharpening ,it wastes time ) and in the hour she was there ,sketched two beautiful little drawings .Lovely line technique Fay .
PAula and I both used ink and I am loving the new watercolour sketch book .No photos this week but if someone would like to upload there drawings feel free .