I love our class, it's forming into a great little artist community.The day we spent drawing at shellharbour was fantastic and Nikki has some ideas for our next trip out drawing .We were going to have a new lady drawing with us but she got called into work, she is an old schoolmate of Paula's but I don't think Paula has seen her for years. Any suggestions for next trip let me know .
I am so looking forward to our exhibition!Our works are going to take on a whole new look once they are framed .
Poor Freda! I gotta teach Freda how to draw drapery ... She had a great attempt at it ,but I walked   past at wrong moment and caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and looked like a furry animal was attacking the model ..Trouble was at the time I had just taken a bite of my bickie and started laughing .Choking and laughing and trying to explain what I was laughing at .I wasn't actually laughing at the picture  but the fact that I thought it was a furry animal .I couldn't apologise enough to Freda! Lucky our most gorgeous classmate has a fantastic sense of humour.

We will be trying to get portrait workshop running but just need a venue that doesn't cost us a lot money .It is so hard to find somewhere in the Shellharbour area that will be suitable for art .If you have any suggestions just let me know .Catherine has offered us a place but just has to make sure it's ok to do it there.When we do it we will be working from photos ,mirrors and other classmates .

I would also like to know who would like us to buy them a watercolour sketchbook ,I can get them from House to home at Warilla grove for 11.95 ,they are heaps thicker paper to use with watercolour and inks


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