Last night was a lovely night again .We had Marg and she did another fabulous job .
It's funny how we get less people on State of origin night .Ha ha  . I know they're not at home watching the footy or maybe they are secretly and not telling us .The game is all rigged anyway ,i seriously don't know why people haven't realised yet that it is all rigged.
We have a date for the portrait workshop .The 20th of August , we will be going to Catherine's house to do it and marg is going to come as well and serve Tea ,Coffee ,Wine Cheese and some oreos and dark chocolate for the vegan in the midst of us.Go the vegans !We're going to be working from photos and working with graphite and seeing how we go during the day and what time we have, we might try another medium as well.The cost will be 50 bucks for non pension and concession and 35 bucks for concession and pension /Student  .Please keep this day free for a fun day of socialising and drawing .
Last night we also talked about going to see Bangarra dance troupe when they are in Wollongong and taking along our sketchbooks for some movement drawings .I did movement drawings while at West woll. tafe and it was so much fun .We also had teachers who would take us to the pub and to crown central to draw.Now that was an adventure ! i still remember sitting in Scarborough Cemetery as well with one of our teachers after searching for a colleagues grave ,in the rain .We drew the escarpment lucky I was using watercolour pencils lol
I brought along some black satin last night and draped Marg in the satin, so we could work on our draping .PAula Catherine and I worked in ink and I was really happy with the result I got this time as I bought some watercolour sketch books to work on and the ink doesn't drain right off it ,like the other paper .