It's been a while since I blogged.Have been busy doing Nanny day care for my daughter .
Wednesday night was another great night ,we have another new model and she was beautiful,having  done some ballet training ,we will get some interesting poses sorted for Jessica to do.I hear everyone snickering to that , lol I am prone to seeing how far we can stretch our models muscles .Poor Isaac knows this for a fact .
My favourite poses being muscley back poses !With or without sword.

 We are organising a weekend get together in the next two weeks at Paula's, so we can get our drawings finished.It's a great way to work as we all inspire each other and motivate each other.

 A friend of ours ,Arja Valimaki is in a group exhibit @ project  artspace 255 Keira St  Wollongong .Opening night is on the 29th July @ 6 pm so if anyone is interested in going along to the opening let me know .
 Anita Larkin holds feltmaking workshops as well in the Community centre on every second Saturday and she is having a special beginners workshop on the 6th august .Paula and I will be attending  .Anyone else interested in coming?