Jessica poses

An absolutely fabulous night in class last night .Beautiful elegant long poses and some wonderful results ensued .Jess is our long and lanky model as she has been practicing her poses.For her second time ever modelling undraped,she did  so well! I have given her the name of the teacher at West Wollongong TAFE who books all there models ,so hopefully Jess and Isaac can get some more work at the TAFE.
Great to see Tim back in class and his little ink drawings were lovely.
We were missing a few people do to illness and HSC .Hope all goes well for our young ones.Get well to our sick classmates .
Not long now till portrait workshop,we are looking forward to it .Will have to get some payments off some people soon as we need to get materials for this exciting event .
We will probably have to wait for our next outdoors drawing day until Freda gets back from her (6 week)overseas jaunt .We are going to miss her terribly .i am going to have to try and draw my own furry animals with our residents animal illustrator gone .What will we do without her ? Hope she brings us back something nice from each town she visits all over the world.Maybe a pencil from each town ?
Catherine is constanly achieving some beautiful emotive results and this week was working in white ink on black paper ,with such a beautiful subject to work with obviously came out with some fabulous results .
Freda is working in ink still and working on her tone and composition and is getting better every week.Hopefully not ripping up her work anymore when she goes home.I am proud of the way Freda has stuck to her guns and gives 100% every week .
Hopefully Catherine will post some nice pics online soon as she took some photos of everyones work .