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My brother the pearl farmer #rustytully#torrespearls

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Lucien Freud



Wollongong city gallery


shellharbour city council city hub
The proposed city hub project has been the subject of lots of discussion lately
Online forums have been chatting .Getting rather heated at times ,also abusive to people like me that agree with it .
Initially i didn't agree with it .Until i went and got informed at a meeting I attended .
I must say I love the City Hub idea .
I have veiwed the 3d animation of the design and  it is stunning .
In the meeting many subjects were discussed .Parking ,disabled access ,retail space,access by artists to use this as a gallery space.
I was concerned there was no official art gallery attached .I was informed there is a 350 seat auditorium available for public use .I asked them" if they can install gallery lighting and hanging systems"?To which they replied "we can do that" .I also reminded them " not all art hangs of walls" .Also asked " if an outdoor space could made available for sculptures and performance by musicians &quo…

Yoko ono

Fantastic Fundraising effort

Local radio station #i98fm fantastic fundraising effort . Raised in just one day by having a truck and bike convoy down a mountain.To raise money for kids with cancer.
Camp Quality and i98fm have been doing this every year in November.
Rain could not deter people from going out to support this heart wrenching cause.
In a bus they have the sick children with cancer and their parents ,tears flow as this bus passes because we know ,some of these children will not make it.

Tony Pratt Local Guy

Facebook champion . Bringing local and far away warilla people together.

Cath's work


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iWollongong: It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in Wol...

iWollongong: It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in Wol...: I am a little excited about Christmas, there are the lights displays, the food, the parties and of course the presents! There is so much g...

The future

i have loads of ideas for future projects and am excited to be meeting cultural development for council soon.
thinking big and outside the box .
I want to get this community back to art.
i will discuss all this with you when we meet again

"Drawing Out"in Shellharbour Sunday 27/06/2011

Some of our members met at The Ocean Beach for a fun day of sketching and collaboration. Great results responding to our theme"the figure in the landscape".Here are some images taken whilst"en plein air" as well as inspection of the new exhibition centre where we will be holding our first group exhibition.We ordered take away pizzas from Shelley's pizzeria and adjourned to Paula's house to eat and organise work from class to be framed and shown.Success and jubilation all around.Need to capture piccies of works completed on the day,so get them ready for publication participants.

Progression is slow for our new group we will get there

Well let's hope council rings tomorrow,  as I want to get the new group sorted.
Public liability is needed but in the process of being organised .
Women/men are contacting me to join .
Fun ties on the horizon.