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from 2013 to 2014 Happy new year

This year is coming to an end .I am looking forward to a new year and new focus .

Depression is abating and finally putting the black dog to bed .

I am so glad to be focused on a new group and looking forward to the future projects .Can't believe it only took a month to set things up.Knowing the lady I approached at the centre we will be working from is so excited for what we will be doing with people in the community ,is very encouraging.

The thought of exhibiting is very daunting for me but I think it is a positive step forward.Here's hoping it goes smoothly.
Happy New Year to all my readers and followers .

Reg mombassa

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waiting on authorisation

Such good news .
We are nearly back together .
A free venue ,New people.
Exhibit in the works and hopefully a fantastic new art project .
Roll on 2014 .



Some of our lovely Catherine Foste'rs work


Colour on paper

Pastel on paper 2011
Pencil on paper 

One of Catherine Foster's works

Approved We are Up and Running

We have been approved by council .
Our group is up and running again ,this time in a different format.A format i have been dreaming of for a long.
We have been motivated an inspired .We will be holding a Creative Gathering at Warilla Neighbourhood Centre.starting on the 22nd January 2014 1pm-3.45pm
Our group will take on all comers this time.The space we have been offered to us is free .This means the only cost will the price of your own materials I want to invite all creative local people ,be they knitters,crafters, scupltors, musicians ,whatever .Come one come all I say and let's get out creative juices flowing .
 Not sure whether or not we will able to have our nude models but our lovely Marg has been brushing up her modelling skills in Wollongong,she is looking forward to joining in with us again .If we can't have her nude we will just have to do clothed .
We have applied as a collaboration to exhibit in April at the Shellharbour Village Exhibition Space. Our show will…

link to hockney

Graphite on paper 2011


Charcoal on Paper

Work on paper . Quick study  . 2011

Rest peacefully Mandela

Rest peacefully today Mandela safe in the knowledge ,you changed the world.

Workin on the blog

So glad to be able to get the links working again. Ironing out a few glitches.

Street art


Multi media on paper