First Creative Gathering

Our first Creative Gathering today at the Warilla Neighbourhood Centre . We have named this a creative gathering so it includes all types of art. We didn't want to call it a group because we didn't want it to sound to cliquey or insular.We want all types of art to be created and formed . Sculpture,painting,beadmaking,knitting anything is welcome.
Catherine and I got there feeling a little flustered and anxious . Cath had a headache,from doing paperwork for our project.
People started meandering in ,introducing themselves to each other.Biscuits were bought with them for afternoon tea. I bought some lamingtons in honour of Australia Day.
We dragged the tables and chairs out ,placed drop sheets down ,filled water containers then loaded up the pallette. First glide of the brush across canvas felt so good.
Being amongst old friends ,students, new fellow artists felt so good.
We lit a candle ,played some soft music and worked creatively sometimes noisily sometimes quiet.We had children walking about soaking up the atmosphere while also creating.Two pm we had afternoon tea chatting all the time.
We hope to be able to sort out the life model situation but it comes down to everyone agreeing and being allowed by council.
By the time we packed up ,put the drop sheets away and swept up. Catherines headache had gone away.
Looking forwaRd to the next one on the 19th feb.2014. Thanks everyone for such a great day