Sydney Living Museum

I am a great believer in children learning the history of our country ,by viewing our historical houses .It gives them an element of bringing the past into the present.
As a child i went to visit Vaucluse house and many museums and old grave yards .I loved it and still do .Makes you visualise the past and imagination comes into play .
I used to imagine all the people walking around in there old clothes and how hot they must of been back then Imagine them using those dodgy stoves.
Remembering this i loved to visit my grandad, who had his wardrobes fall on him all the time .He was so cute.He lived in Bathurst.He had an old sulky in his back yard and kelpie dogs .His house smelled of kerosene and he had a massive bed with a really soft mattress we had to climb up to get onto .He was a cranky old bugger though.

sydney living museum